Cozy and affordable accommodation in Varkaus – Aparthotel Vanha Postitalo

Hotel Vanha Postitalo is centrally located in Varkaus. Walking distance is e.g. Stora Enso factories, Navitas and of course shops and restaurants are right next door.

You can stay at the Vanha Postitalo Hotel from one night to several months, depending on your needs. You can get in even late at night with automatic locks and customer service is available 24/7.

The goal of Hotel Vanha Postitalo is to offer homely and comfortable accommodation in the center of Varkaus at an affordable price.

If you need a room for this evening, you can book it directly on our website and the system will send you the necessary codes. You can book a room HERE.

If you have a longer early stay or a larger group, you can put a reservation/quote request in the form below. We will respond as quickly as possible, usually within the same day.

You can also contact our business sales on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m

Janne Immonen
+358 40 1259 291

You can also call / send an email every day 24/7
Customer service 24/7
+358 41 7305 349


Hotel Vanha Postitalo is more than a hotel. The apartments and rooms are designed more like home, taking into account the comfort of the residents. Here, the residents can cook themselves and sleep in good beds, enjoying the good darkness of the night since every room has blackout curtains. In addition, each room has its own TV, so residents can watch their favorite programs even while traveling.

Why do companies stay at Vanha Postitalo in Varkaus?

  • Good service
  • Located in a central location next to good transport connections
  • Free parking space
  • Easy to get to, automatic locks and codes work conveniently and you don’t have to worry about lost keys
  • Clean renovated rooms
  • Bed linen is always included in the price
  • Each room has its own TV
  • Cleaning is always included in the price.
  • Wireless internet is always included in the price
  • Easy booking online or through company sales team
  • Residents have the option of cooking in each of their own rooms or in the shared kitchen
  • Every room has at least a fridge, microwave, coffee and kettle
  • Residents have the opportunity to do laundry either in their own room (in family rooms and family apartments) or in common areas
  • A nice yard area with a grill for residents to use


Work goes smoothly in cooperation

In order for the residents to enjoy themselves in the best possible way, Hotel Vanha Postitalo cooperates closely with various professionals. Comforta ‘s high-quality bedding and towels are used at Vanha Postitalo. The local Siivouspalvelu Sitruuna is responsible for cleaning, and the local Varkaus Kiinteistöpalvelu is responsible for property maintenance and yard work .

Together, we take good care of you and your employees.