Vanha Postitalo – The Old Post House in Varkaus has moved to a new command in the autumn. The automatic hotel has been hosted since september by Merja Pasuri, who has a solid background in the hotel and accommodation business.

-The concept of the Old Post House is in demand. It has been surprising how many customers there have been, even though the covid-19 pandemia has somewhat generally silenced the accommodation business. The Old Post House was full all summer and the fall has been surprisingly good as well. Now there are already Christmas accommodations booked, Merja mentions.

She praises that for the Old Post House, the value for money is good; prices are affordable and rooms clean. There are accommodation options for every traveler.

Merja has previously worked at Hotel Ruusuhovi in ​​Rantasalmi as a hotel manager.

Merja is not worried, even though there is competition in the accommodation industry in Varkaus locally and very close.

-Despite the competition, the Old Post House attracts customers well. We have the opportunity to offer our customers different levels of accommodation options.

She reminds that for others, a basic room with a toilet and kitchen in the hallway is enough, some want a premium or a business room.

Today, many people are looking for affordable travel and want to stay in a place where they can cook for themselves.

-Our rooms have refrigerators and microwaves as well as shared kitchens available.

– The automatic hotel is really convenient. I can guide and advise the customer over the phone, as well as manage bookings. Not everyone has a smart phone, but you can always call me. I make a reservation and open the doors. Reception is open from 8-16, but I have assisted, if necessary, also at another time.

She gives an example that a group of Russian tourists were served in the middle of the Sunday night, when they had no accommodation or smartphones.

Although the Old Post House has only recently been renovated and converted into a full-blooded automatic hotel, Merja sees a lot of untapped potential in the place.

She envisions that more room capacity could be built on the site of the Old Post House ballroom. Now the large space has served as the office of the Condo Group and the Old Post House.

-The house still has exploitable squares that can be made to produce.

Merja has studied to be a tradenom at Savonia University of Applied Sciences. She is from Joroinen and has worked all over Central Savo in his career. He has lived in Varkaus for a total of twenty years.

The Old Post House – Vanha Postitalo is centrally located in the center of Varkaus, close to amenities.

Contact Merja, +358 41 730 5349 or, and ask for availability. You can also book a room on the Old Post House website or through