Vanha Postitalo



Below you can find accommodation prices for Vanha Postitalo Varkaus. You can select based on your wished different room categories, Business rooms and suites are as rental furnished apartments in Varkaus  combine with best airbnb´s and hotel. Premium rooms are like hotel rooms and basic rooms are excellent for groups.  If you are staying longer there are discounts available. If you have bigger groups coming send us Quotation request. All rooms all not available for booking from internet.

  • 3 Days    -10%
  • 1 Week   -15%
  • 2 Weeks -25%
  • 1 Month -35%

Furnished apartments and accommodation also for bigger groups from us. We have many furnished apartments for rent all around the Varkaus. Short and long term rentals. You can send Quotation request for us! 

NOTE! We are updating our booking system and that time all bookings via form below, email or phone. Thank You for your understanding!


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