Book your accommodation Varkaus – Hotell Vanha Postitalo


You can book your room directly from booking engine below.

When you making booking:

  • Add check in and check out dates
  • Add how many person stay in one room (Note do not add how many person is coming)
  • Then you can see all available rooms and add so many rooms you need.
  • Add your contact information
  • Pay your booking

After you have make payment you will receive booking confirmation after 11min of booking.

For check in instructions we will send check in day at 14.05 and codes are working from 15.00.

For same evening booking you will received your pin codes 11 min after booking and you can check in right away to your room.

Customer service is open 24/7 if you need any help +358 41 7305 349 


If you have bigger group you need to add room by room to reservation. After you have select all the rooms you need you can pay those same time. We are automatic hotel so you can check in so late you want. For same day reservation you can make booking so long that there are rooms available. After you have make reservation it is take aprox 20min and you will receive check in link and code. Then you can enter for your room.

Vanha Postitalo


To book your room:
– Select the arrival and departure dates
– Select the number of people for each room
– Add room for order
– Select the number of people for next room or finalize booking
– You can book so many rooms at once as you need