Contact Information

Hotelli Vanha Postitalo Oy / 3253546-4
Wahlinkatu 8, 78250 Varkaus


Customer service 9-20 +358 41 7305 349
Emergency service 24/7 +358 41 7305 349
Property Maintenance Varkaus Property Services 24/7
+358 40 6782 883
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+358 41 7305 349
[email protected]


Janne Immonen
+358 40 1259 291
[email protected]
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Where can I get help in case of problems?

Fill out the form below. You can also call +358 41 7305 349.

Urgent matters to be handled on the same day

  • You can’t access the apartment
  • Water damage or threat of water damage
  • Safety risk in the apartment
  • Electricity
  • Disruption in water supply
  • Clogged drains
  • Entire room lighting
  • Non-functional lock
  • Cleanliness issues

Matters to be handled within 3 days

  • Non-functional dishwasher or washing machine in the apartment. You can use the machines in the common areas if necessary
  • Missing appliances
  • Deficiencies in furniture
  • Replacement of light bulbs
  • Missing dishes. You can use the kitchen’s common dishes
  • Non-urgent faults

My apartment’s washing machine or other appliance is not working. What should I do?

Fill out the form above.


How does check-in at the automated hotel work?

All rooms have keyless entry through a smart lock. We will provide check-in instructions, access code, and room number on the check-in day.
You can watch the introduction video of Vanha Postitalo here, which also shows how check-in works.

What should I do if the door code or smart lock doesn’t work?

The most common reason for the door not opening is not pressing the # key after entering the code or not turning the door handle/knob to unlock.

Try again. Make sure you are at the correct door. If you are at the main entrance, try another entrance. There are three different entrances at the Postitalo. In case of problems, contact customer service via the website chat or by calling +358 41 7305 349.

What should I do if the PIN code doesn’t work?

Double-check the PIN code. Make sure the numbers are in the correct order.
If you have booked accommodations through, make sure you are using the code provided in the booking confirmation and not’s own PIN code.


Is cleaning included in the room rate?

Yes. Rooms are cleaned after check-out.

Are towels and bed linens provided?

Yes, they are. Clean bed linens and towels are provided in the room. Additionally, there are spare linens in the cupboard in the hallway if needed.


Unfortunately, we do not have rooms suitable for accommodating pets, so we cannot offer accommodation for pets.

No Availability on the Website

If our website shows that there are no available rooms for your desired dates, we recommend sending a request for a quote, especially for business customers. We often have rooms reserved for busy periods or longer bookings. By sending us a quote request, we can sometimes arrange rooms for your visit. This option is particularly recommended if you have a longer reservation in mind. We will do our best to meet your needs.

What other services are included in the room rates?

You have complimentary Wi-Fi and free parking. The washing machine and the upstairs communal kitchen are available for general use. There is a large 55 square meter terrace in the yard, with a gas grill and terrace furniture available for guests to use.

Can I order breakfast?

You can prepare your own breakfast either in your room or in the communal kitchen. Sale grocery store is right next door, and Pullapuoti Café is nearby, opening early in the morning. Pullapuoti offers coffee, rolls, and pastries, among other items.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made through the same channel as the original booking. If you have booked through the Postitalo website and cannot cancel your reservation, please send an email to [email protected]. Cancellations for bookings made through platforms like or Airbnb must be handled directly through those respective services.

Toilet Paper is Out

Additional toilet paper can be found in the cupboard near the kitchen in the hallway. You can also use the public restrooms if needed.

Extra Beds and Sofa Beds

Family apartments and family rooms have sofa beds and baby cribs available. Please note that they are not set up in advance. Bedding can be found in the room’s wardrobe, and extra bedding can be found in the cupboard in the hallway if needed. Extra beds cannot be provided in other rooms.

Smoking in the Rooms

Smoking is not allowed in the rooms. There is a designated smoking area outside the building.

Are there parking spaces at Vanha Postitalo?

There are plenty of free parking spaces in the yard. Large vehicles can also fit in the yard. Parking is also available on the street if needed. There are also parking spaces with heating poles available for guests’ use.

I want to book a room for tonight. Do you have availability?

You can book a room for the same evening directly through our website, and the website always shows the correct availability status. When you book a room through the website, the system automatically sends instructions for check-in and accessing the room.

How does accommodation at Vanha Postitalo work? How do I book a room?

Vanha Postitalo in Varkaus is an automated hotel where you can book a room online through our website and check in around the clock (24/7) with your smartphone using the smart lock and access code.

How is the room paid for?

Reservations are made online and can be paid for with a credit card, mobile payment, or online bank transfer. Payment is charged at the time of booking.

Can I pay by invoice?

Business bookings can be paid by invoice. We will send an e-invoice for the accommodations. If you want to pay by invoice, please contact us on weekdays. Evening and last-minute bookings are made directly through the website.
A billing fee of 9 euros will be added to the invoice.

Can I change or cancel a reservation?

A reservation made online at Vanha Postitalo can be canceled up to one (1) day before check-in, and longer stays are subject to agreement.

I have a discount code, what do I do?

Use the discount code when booking a room on our website. Enter the discount code in the designated area. Please note that discount codes only work on our own website.


Päikkäri Pizzeria (Turkis Restaurant) offers delicious pizza and kebab. As a Hotel Vanha Postitalo customer, you get a 10% discount or a free drink. Please inform the counter before ordering that you are staying at Postitalo. You can also order food directly to your room without a delivery fee. Call/whatsapp +358413692309. You can also cook for yourself at Postitalo. There is a communal kitchen upstairs, and many rooms have their own kitchen. Each room has at least a mini kitchen. The pizzeria is located at Kauppatori 1, right on the edge of the market square and just a minute’s walk from Hotel Vanha Postitalo. Welcome to enjoy tasty treats!

Lost Items

If you have forgotten items, please send us an email or fill out the form. Note! Please do not call because customer service is not on site. Include details such as room number, reservation dates, and a description of the missing items. Please note that there is a small fee for returning forgotten items.

The room is cold

If the room is cold, check that the thermostat on the radiator is not hidden behind the curtain. Also, turn it up if necessary.