Vanha Postitalo

FAQ – frequently asked questions about staying at Vanha Postitalo

Welcome to stay at Vanha Postitalo in Varkaus!
Here are a few frequently asked questions about staying in the automatic Hotel Vanha Postitalo.


I want to book a room for tonight. Do you have space in the hotel?

You can book a room the same evening directly through our website and the pages will always show the correct booking situation. When you book a room on the website then the system will
automatically send instructions to check-in and access the room.

How does accommodation at Vanha Postitalo work? How do I book a room?

Vanha Postitalo in Varkaus has an automatic hotel where you can book a room online on our website and log in at any time (24/7) on your smartphone with a smart lock and key code. Book your room here!
Customer service is open 8-21

How is the room paid?

The reservation is made via the internet and is paid by a credit card. Credit card payment
will be charged automatically on the day of check-out.

Can I pay by invoice?

Corporate bookings can be paid by invoice. We will send an e-invoice for the accommodation.
A 9eur billing surcharge will be added to the invoice.

Can I change or cancel a booking?

Accommodation bookings at Vanha Postitalo via the Internet can be canceled 1 day before check-in date, and longer bookings by arrangement.

I have a discount code, how can I use it?

Use the discount code when booking a room on our website. Enter the discount code in its reserved space. Please note that discount codes only work on our own website.


How do I check in at the automatic hotel?

All rooms have keyless entry with a pin code and  smart lock. We send you the check-in instructions, key code and room number on the day of check-in.
You can watch the Vanha Postitalo demo video here. From which you can also see how entering the room works.

What do I do if the door code or smart lock doesn't work?

Try again. Make sure that you are at the right door. If you are at the front door then try the other front door. Vanha Postaitalo has three (3) different exterior doors. In case of problems, please contact our customer service via the website chat or by calling +358 41 7305 349. +358 41 7305 349.

You can also check instructions HERE

What do I do if my PIN doesn't work?

Check your PIN again. Check that the numbers are in the correct order.
If you have booked accommodations through, check that you are using the code on the booking confirmation and not’s own pin code.

For room doors Please also remeber add # after you have add pin code and turn door open.

You can also check instruction here


Can pets be brought into the rooms?

Pets are not allowed in the rooms.


Is cleaning included in the room rate?

Yes. Rooms will be cleaned after your stay.

Do I have towels and bed linen?

Yes, fresh bed linen and towels can be found in the room.

What other services are included in the room rates?

Free Wifi and free parking are available.
A washing machine and an upstairs resident kitchen are for public use.
In the yard, a large 55 sqm terrace, gas grill and patio furniture freely available.

Can I order breakfast?

Breakfast can be ordered separately next door from Cafe Piirakkapaja (Mon-Fri) Ahlströminkatu 22.

You can also order from the same place for larger groups.
You can cook yourself in the rooms that have their own kitchen, or use the shared kitchen.
The credit card and telephone snack vending machine includes snacks, smoothies, juice,
toothbrushes, etc.

Can I smoke in the rooms?

No smoking in the rooms. In the yard separate from the building there is a marked smoking place.

What are the room levels in the Vanha Postitalo?

You can book Basic, Premium, and Business rooms at Vanha Postitalo. In addition at the hotel
offers family room and family apartment. See accommodation and room types here!

Does Vanha Postitalo have parking spaces?

There are plenty of free parking spaces in the yard. Large cars also fit well in the yard. If necessary, you can also park on the street side. There are also heated places in the yard that are available to guests.


Where can I get help with problems?

You can ask for help by e-mail at [email protected]. You can also call +358 41 7305 349.

Urgent same-day matters

  • You cannot enter the apartment
  • Water damage or threat of water damage
  • Security risk in the apartment
  • Electric
  • Water supply disturbances
  • Clogged drains
  • Lighting throughout the room
  • Inoperative lock
  • Pests
  • Deficiencies in cleanliness

Things to take care of during the day

  • Apartment with inoperative dish or washing machine. If necessary, you can use the machines in the shared area
  • Missing equipment
  • Deficiencies in furniture
  • Replacement of lamps
  • Missing dishes. You can use utensils in the general kitchen
  • Non-urgent issues

My apartment’s washing machine or some other appliance doesn’t work. What do I do?

Send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also call +358 41 7305 349.

Vanha Postitalo – Demonstration Video