Hotel Vanha Postitalo Upgrades to Faster Internet Connections

News: Hotel Vanha Postitalo Upgrades to Faster Internet Connections

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Varkaus, November 27, 2023 – Hotel Vanha Postitalo, known as a home-like alternative to traditional hotels in the center of Varkaus, has responded to its customers’ requests for faster internet connection. Over the weekend, on November 26, the hotel installed two 600 megabit internet connections, providing customers with top-speed internet.

These two separate connections have been placed at both ends of the hotel, ensuring that all customers have access to fast and reliable internet. Additionally, extenders have been installed in the rooms located in the middle of the hotel to ensure the connection works effectively there as well.

Hotel Vanha Postitalo is known for its unique concept, where guests can enjoy the comforts of hotel accommodation while having the opportunity to cook and do laundry, just like in their own home. This upgrade in the form of faster internet connections is part of the hotel’s effort to offer even better services to its customers.

Listening to the Customer at Vanha Postitalo

Based on customer feedback, the speed of the internet connection is an essential part of a comfortable hotel experience, especially for business travelers and vacationers who value smooth internet connectivity for both work and entertainment. The upgraded internet connections at Hotel Vanha Postitalo are now available to all customers, adding value to their stay in Varkaus.

Room Reservations at Hotel Vanha Postitalo

If you are planning a visit to Varkaus and looking for accommodation that combines homeliness and a central location, Hotel Vanha Postitalo is an excellent choice. You can conveniently book a room through your favorite reservation channel – whether it be, Airbnb, or directly from the hotel’s own website.

Use the Discount Code: When booking a room directly from the hotel’s website, use the code POST10OFF to get a 10% discount on your reservation. This special offer is a great way to save, whether you’re on a short holiday trip or a business trip.

Long-term and Corporate Accommodations: If you are planning a longer stay or looking for corporate accommodation, Hotel Vanha Postitalo offers the possibility of a tailored offer. Submit a request for a proposal directly to the hotel, and they will tailor an accommodation solution that best meets your needs and wishes.

Request for Proposal

Hotel Vanha Postitalo is known for its homely atmosphere and amenities, such as the ability to cook and do laundry in your apartment. Additionally, the hotel’s location in the center of Varkaus provides easy access to the city’s attractions, cultural offerings, and restaurants.

Choose Hotel Vanha Postitalo as your next place of stay in Varkaus and enjoy comfortable, homely, and affordable accommodation!