That’s how easy it is

Hoteli Vanha Postitalo in Varkaus is automatic hotel, where accommodation is easy and fast

The Old Post House – Vanha Postitalo – in Varkaus is automatic hotel, where accommodation is easy and fast. Ease is facilitated by modern check-in, which starts right from the online booking.
Smooth systems serve the customer who does not have to think about their own arrival times or reception opening hours when staying at apart hotel. Everything related to accommodation and check-in takes place electronically online and is possible with the help of a smartphone.
Rooms can be booked directly from Vanha Postitalo’s own website Last minute online bookings can be made 24/7, ie even late at night.
You can also book a room through, which specializes in hotel reservations.
All rooms have keyless access via a smartphone and Pindora smart lock. By following the instructions from the system to your mobile phone, access to your room is fast and without reception opening hours.
A booking confirmation will be sent to you by email. There is also a key code to enter the house and the room.
The accommodation is smooth as long as you just follow the instructions on your mobile phone. Upon arrival at the door, a door code and three knocks are sufficient. And so, you are already in your own completely renovated and initialized room.
Renovated as an automatic hotel, the Old Post House offers the guest either a longer or shorter stay in Varkaus in an idyllic setting right in the middle of the city’s services.
So book your room effortlessly on the Old Post House page or and stay comfortably in a renovated apart hotel!
Room reservation:
You can also always call 041 730 5349. If you have a larger group coming, then leave a request for quotation. Thank you!